Mittwoch, Dezember 30

2009 quick glance

captain JANUARY
still, GPMB euphoria.. (how happy we are!!) this month i was getting closer with someone then broke up with bf (haha gapenting) . celebrating 150years Santa Ursula. KARTUL exam!! erghh. oh, eli's farewell, chicken little is moving to new zealand :(

forgot about this month --' haha. celebrating valentine with mellophoners. lots of exam and trial. keep on coming to BTA, preparing myself for UI test. err.. what else? hm, selecting the new staffs for PSUMB.

miss MARCH
SIMAK UI, well i'm not doing good on this. PSUMB goes to anyer on 8-9, what a great time we had together!! :)
hmm, then got a shocked message from someone on 10 x)

APRIL showers
turning 18 on 10, same day with God Friday, and 1months
time for national exam
, geez it was so damn hard you know. erghhh.. and i'm not accepted at UI, but accepted at Atma Jaya, nice xp

MAY i?
just finishing school final exams and ending my tremendous high school days. sadd :'(
and oh i got something on 30. hehehe :p

hey JUNE!
officially graduated from St. Ursula Senior High on 13, pass with flying colors.. :B gonna miss high school time i guess. well, 3 months holiday is coming. happy happy!!

wonderful JULY

had an unforgettable trip with my holiday team to BALI for 5 days! missing the kuta beach, monkey forest, sukawati, doing water sport on tanjung benoa, our driver: bli rai, almost drowning at dreamland, raising my adrenaline by the superb slingshot, lovely sunset at jimbaran, tanah lot... oh bali is sooo PERFECT!!!

entering Atma Jaya instead of UI. haha.. a bit disappointed no offense. but i believe that's God best choice for me. hehe.. i made my new circle of friends also. welcome uni life :B


doing good with uni things. well, psychology is so much fun!! love it

if i'm not mistaken, mid term exams was on this month. haha :B i did it quite well. just got a C+ on statistics errghh.. others was fine. pheww.

a month before holiday (again) yay!! doing lectures tasks and oh i forget to tell that i join faculty futsal team and saman dance also! weird fusion huh? hehe :p

doing final exams.. a semester is sooooo fast! i did it well i guess. not sure til the grades come up. hope it will be okay hha :D
christmas christmas time!!! well, i didnt celebrate christmas with my family last year, due to marching band things. hehe. i was decorating grandma's house and had a quality time with my big family.
my sister was with her marching band corps. haha.. quite similar like i did last year.
attending GPMB on 26-27 and saw my sister performance. hahaa :D
3rd winner is good though! congrats sis!!
and today, 30, i write this quick review about this year experiences.
tomorrow, i'll end 2009 with my big family at my aunt's house. doing barbeque, shabu2 and lit some fireworks maybe. hehe..

full of happiness, sadness, tears, farewell, glory, love, friendship, etc.
so hard to describe those thousands of feelings :B
i just want to thank God for this marvelous year!!!
cheerio 2009! :D

Freitag, Dezember 25


be merry be happy :B
source: gettyimages

Mittwoch, Dezember 23

hello jell-O!!!

there are sooo many ways to show arts.
and here it is the coolest one.
can you believe that all of these cities made of jelly?
how creative!!
i wanna eat those buildings :P

more on liz hickok

Dienstag, Dezember 22

w h y ?

whats wrong with you?

why would you both be like these?

oh my..
be honest.

Freitag, Dezember 18


saya hanya merasa terlalu

Sonntag, Dezember 13

la la la :)

"hari ini gue ketemu dia looohhh!!! :D "

"aduhh, gimana dong nih dandanan gue cacat!"

"eh eh, dia udah 2 kali muji gue loh!"

"oiya, dia muji2 gue sambil ngelus2 rambut gue juga..."

"pas gue ketiduran, dia naro palanya diatas kepala gue biar kepala gue ga jatoh2 gitu..."

"kayaknya dia megang tangan gue terus deh pas gue tidur..."

"bukan kayaknya deh! dia emang megangin tangan gue terus pas gue tidur!!!"

"lo mesti tau, bahkan dia bangunin gue dengan cara ngelus2 pipi gue!!"

senangnya jatuh cinta...
akhirnya, ya!!! :)

Donnerstag, Dezember 10


14 short messages, 5 minutes call, live messenger, e-mail :')

that's it.

Mittwoch, Dezember 9

when a soul meets the mate

ayo titi cepat pulang!!! :B


ya ya. statistik telah selesai dengan err... bodo lah gue gamau ngomongin.
tadi jam 10 langsung buru2 pulang dan jam 11 kurang gitu udah sampe rumah (buswaynya super kilat men!).
mau telvon seseorang di luar sana, tapi gabisa.
sedihnyaaaaaaaa :'(
oke gapenting.

dan besok uas hari ke 2 yaitu LOGIKA.
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh -__________-
aduh sumpah sumpah sumpah ya.
ini pelajaran tergajelas sepanjang segala abad..
haduhhh gimana dong mana ga ada bukunya coba.

ada sih di power point gitu tapi tetep aja ga jelas ya aduh.
dan gua malaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas..
gue heran kenapa dulu bapak gue mau kuliah beginian coba.
ga meaning gini. hah.
dan bukannya belajar,
sekarang gue malah blogging dan wlm dengan soulmate gue tercin(t)a.
hahahahaha :D

yaudahlah ya. besok ujiannya baru jam 10 dan pasti nanti gue tidak akan tidur tenang karena belom belajar, dan nanti jam 2 pasti bangun. haaah.
semoga besok akan datang keajaiban. AMIN.

eh eh ketinggalan. selamat hari anti korupsi!!
semoga indonesia bisa turun peringkatnya dari negara terkorup di dunia. bayangin aja indonesia urutan ke 111 coba --'
oke deh mau lanjut wlm. haha..

Dienstag, Dezember 8

sudah uas

besok gue ujian statistik satu matiiiiiiiiiiiii.
gimana dong dong dong?
mana besok tanggal 9 dan ada demo besar2an di monas (mungkin saja akan merambah ke thamrin lalu sudirman dan ... semanggi) bzt.
oke gapenting --'
dan jangan sampe besok selesai ujian gue terjebak demo ya plis plis plis.

gue gamau ngulang stat 1 arggghhh!!
dapet B+ dong B+ B+ haaaah.
oke deh daripada cuma mimpi dapet B+
sekarang MARI BELAJAR!
haha. wish me luck tomorrow (sigh)

Montag, Dezember 7


memory|fading flashbulb|confabulation|source misattribution|recall|three-box|leaky bucket
decay|amnesia|emotion|mood contagion|prefrontal cortex|mirror neurons|motivation|leptin|bulimia|anorexia nervosa|proximity|secure|avoidant|neurotransmitters|triangle of love|desire|human|arousal|narcissism|sexual scripts|homosexuality|stress|hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal-cortex axis|stressor|psychoneuroimmunology|illness|locus control|humor|coping strategies

err.. semuanya masih samar-samar,
apakah masih ada waktu yang tersisa agar semuanya tampak jelas?

Sonntag, Dezember 6

scene 12 take 3

x : kemarin kan gue buka profilnya dia, trus ada lirik lagu gitu.
y : lagu apaan?
x : gatau gue lupa. trus kan ada comment dari temen2nya gitu. "cie cie.. yg lagi kasmaran" gitu2 lah pokoknya. trus dia cuma bilang gini "buat orang yang lagi nungguin gue" (sambil berkaca-kaca)
y : aduhh.. kok dia jahat banget sih?!
(x semakin berkaca-kaca)
y : x jangan sedih.. (hening) jangan sedih ya x! ngg, kalo menurut gue ga ada salahnya menunggu.
x : iya.. gue bakal berenti kalo gue udah ga kuat.
y : iya2..

memang tidak ada salahnya menunggu kan?
tapi sampai kapan?